Super Important Disclaimer…

Well Hi! Thanks for stopping by and reading this super important message. This is my  “I am not a medical professional and this site is not meant (clearly understood  if you actually read it) to replace real life medical or mental health services.”  Though I do hope it can bring you smiles, laughter and a little lightness…

While I am a therapist by trade…this blog, is for my own personal reflections, thoughts, ranting, raving and a safe outlet to sometimes discuss mental health issues. (both in general, as a therapist and as a consumer)

Mental Health Is HEALTH. SAME as the heart, the lungs and the kidneys. Your Brain, which kind of plays a big part in mental health, is an organ like any other. If you are having a mental health problem, crisis, emergency or even simple concern. I urge you to seek out the support of a real life human counselor, therapist, psychiatrist or doctor. If you feel like you are having a psychiatric emergency…this is not the safe place to have it handled.

If you are in immediate crisis, or want to harm yourself or just feel like your at the end of your rope…Call 911 or Go to your local emergency room. I am not being cruel, I am being helpful and real. I don’t check email (rarely) as it relates to this blog. I DO respond to likes and comments and discussions with people about blogs. and that is fun and I will always be as helpful as I can…BUT, It is not fun to wait for a comment response when dealing with a mental health emergency.

As this blog develops, I will add another page of mental health resources that may be a cool have access to:

Might I suggest:  To Write Love On Her Arms….an amazing resource.

National Alliance for Mental Illness…another good one.

A blogger and “twitter” writer whom I love…find her at

Also…for laughing (so important) I suggest following the BLOGGESS  on her, ya know…blog. (she openly talks about her own mental health struggles) along with a stuffed goat, appropriately named “Totes Magoats”.

More to follow and I have a link to the Suicide hotline on another page.

Enjoy blogging, read and write for fun, emotional freedom and even support. But please…don’t use this blog during an emergency. You are amazing and deserve help by a real live human who can talk to you and guide you. Sometimes that feels hard to find or even impossible…but you can do it, or ask a friend to help or a co-worker, even a neighbor (unless they might be like a serial killer, than definitely don’t ask them).  You can also explore different sites for mental health resources.

You can look for a therapist on   or www.

Now go have fun kid…


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