About ME…

I’m a human among humans…somewhat baffled by how to tell you “about” me in a few short sentences. Brevity is an issue and I’m “looking into that”… Let’s say this, I am living life on purpose, my profession  as a psychotherapist is a gift. I am a tad emotional (I may be minimizing here) which proves incredibly helpful and disastrously tricky. I can be INTENSE and passionate about many things and committed to a few of them. I have kids whom I adore.  They are by far my hardest job, my greatest love and make me question my sanity and reality on almost a daily basis. I have a few dogs and a husband who is pretty much my polar opposite, yet on most days we are still totally and completely into each other. Bonus, he is pretty damn hot and has been by my side through the best times and the down right darkest parts of the past 20 years. While I write…I am trying to improve my somewhat elementary  skills and surprisingly shitty grammar.  I have a bit of a foul mouth…(so if that’s an issue, ummm…not sure I can change) but I do hope you’ll hang around and travel with me…It may not be pretty but it certainly will be real. It’s my hope that by speaking my truth, you may be encouraged to speak yours. Your story matters and my story matters so remember…


rocking chair girl...

She finds her voice…and it won’t be silenced




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